CDC Reaffirms Montserrado Women League Structure; Making Additional Appointments to Fill Vacancies

The named officials who are to administer the affairs of the CDC-Women League Montserrado Chapter, are:

  1. Norah Wreh, Chairlady
  2. Elizabeth Sambullah, Vice-Chair/Adm.
  3. Patience Davies, Vice Chair/Operations
  4. Charlyne Nyenpan, Vice Chair/Political Affairs
  5. Morleeta Mendscole, Vice Chair/Finance & Investment
  6. Lucia W. Tuan, Vice Chair/Legal & Governmental Affairs
  7. Mercy Pyne, Vice Chair/Gender & Development
  8. Mardia Gibson Yarmento, Vice Chair/Int’l Affairs
  9. Teneka C. Doe, Vice Chair/Planning & Research
  10. Musu Massalay, Treasurer
  11. Evelyn Sankawulo, Secretary General
  12. Agnes Paska, Deputy Secretary General/Adm.
  13. Musu M. Kamara, Deputy Secretary General/Records & Research
  14. Joyce Dargbeh, Public Relations Officer

Committee on Mobilization & Membership/Montserrado County/Women League

  1. Cecelia Weah, Chair
  2. Nancy Kwiyarhe, Co-Chair
  3. Leena Wright, Secretary

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